Monday, July 1, 2013

And we're off...

Today is the beginning of the Pilgrim's Progress read along. I have opted for the free kindle version...

Product Details 

My kindle for pc has no consecutive page numbers, and may be even more confusing as I switch back and forth between reading on my pc and reading on my Kobo e-reader so I'm setting my tentative reading schedule by chapter.

Part 1:
     Week 1: chapters 1 - 4
     Week 2: chapters 5 - 8
     Week 3: chapters 9 - conclusion
Part 2:
     Week 4: chapters 1 - 4
     Week 5: chapters 5 - 8
     Week 6  chapters 9 - the little pilgrim

I am also listening to free podcasts from Still Waters Revival Books as found on iTunes. There are many different free versions available.

I'm really excited to be reading this book; finally :0)
I will try to maintain some discussion over at Unscripted as I am able.

Also begun today

Began memorizing Psalm 119:1 and 2 today. Progress so far is encouraging. Love that the verses in this Psalm are, I believe, all one liners (giggle) and therefore provide me with a quicker retention than some other verses.

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