Using the Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program I have set myself up a weekly routine based around the nights I work so that I can exercise first thing in the morning before my my family rises. I haven't "exercised" faithfully in a long time so I'm starting off slow and easy on my body...after all, I'm not 16 anymore ;) and to be honest I have more creaks and groans than I care to admit.

My Tentative Routine:

Week 1
Sunday: Work
Monday: Warmup & Aerobics
Tuesday: Warmup & Weights
Wednesday: Warmup & Balance
Thursday: Stretch
Friday: Work
Saturday: Warmup & Aerobics

Week 2
Sunday: Stretch
Monday: Warmup & Weights
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Stretch
Thursday: Warmup & Balance
Friday: Stretch
Saturday: Work

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