Thursday, October 31, 2013

For the boys ~ hopping schedule

of Sew Incredibly Crazy has provided us with what should be the final blog hop schedule...

November 6th
November 7th
November 8th
 November 11th
November 12th
November 13th
Living with purpose   (This is me)

November 14th
November 15th 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Package received...

from Dee over at A Geekie Crafty Life, containing the darling dress for pincushion I won during the PinIt! blog hop. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Thanks so much Dee, I just love it!

Love this little flower! Thanks again Dee!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn Appliqued Animals Blog Hop

This week I've been enjoying a blog hop with Bea of Beaquilter using Electric Quilt.

The blog hop schedule was as follows:

October 21st
October 22nd
October 23rd
October 24th
October 25th
There is a giveaway as well, visit each blog and leave a comment. This will give you a total of 9 entries in the giveaway. What are they giving away?  
Electric Quilt is giving away an EQ7!!
All you have to do is comment on each bloggers post (from the schedule of participating bloggers) so that's 9 chances! Next Friday Nov 1st , Bea  will count the comments from ALL of them and have pick a number of a lucky winner! Make sure you are a REPLY blogger so you can be easily found.

I've never used EQ, but these bloggers sure have made it look useful and fun. Maybe next year I'll have my own copy of this software ;)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

FNSI Results

I'm late getting up my results because I worked night shift this weekend. Sorry ladies! As mentioned previously, I'm working on my project for the upcoming "For the Boys" blog hop so please excuse the cryptic photos...

 I'm hanging my pictures to be traced on the patio door and taping the fabric in front. My fancy lightbox lol.
 These are some of the strips I have cut out for my project.
 These are the big squares I'm using to trace my handstitching designs.
 Here is one square with the wash away stabilizer. This is my first time using this and I'm not sure If I even like using it.
 Just a quick snap to show the sturdiness the stabilizer gives.
 Here are bits of my stitchings.
 Back view

I have two squares complete and a third 3/4 of the way. With my son home, it is not easy finding a way to work on this, plus this afternoon I slept more than yesterday. So many people with colds, I'm not arguing about needing my rest. School starts up again tomorrow, so I should have more time to give this project. Enjoying it immensely. Especially feel good and sneaky about making something for my son that I know he will love and be so surprised when he receives at Christmas!

Thanks Wendy for another fun and successful FNSI! See you again next month.

Friday, October 18, 2013

FNSI is tonight!

FNSI with Wendy of Sugarlane Quilts is happening tonight.

I will be working tonight, so as I have a little time today, I will be working on my project for the "For The Boys" (with Head Cheerleader Amy)  blog hop in November hosted by Mdm Samm at Sew We Quilt.

I love FNSI, it is always so much fun to gather (virtually) with others, sewing, and mostly creating items for others or for ourselves. I really enjoy visiting the blogs over the weekend to see just what everyone has been up to. Lots of pretty things to see and inspiration for my next projects (an ever growing list!)

There is another nice prize again this month. I have a few patterns of Jenny of Elephantz and they are just great...this month, if your name is chosen by the random generator---name chooser thingy, you could win a lovely pink/striped fat quarter and two design patterns by J of E...a bag, and a cushion. Go see the photo on Wendy's blog and sign up while you're there.

See you later!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Postage Stamp Quilt

I've been waiting all summer to sign up for the PSQ charm swap, and it is finally The Curious Quilter.

"Let the fun begin! The October 2013 Postage Stamp Quilt Fabric Charm Swap begins today. You can sign-up to swap, or request a Newbie Gift by leaving a comment on THIS post, anytime between October 12-20, 2013. The nitty-gritty details follow, and even return swappers should read on to learn more."  The Curious Quilter

I am a newbie quilter and do not, by any stretch of the imagination have 100 charms to swap and so I have signed up to receive a (one-time) gift of 50 charms. Quilters are so generous! And in the meantime I will continue to amass great gobs of cotton while I play and learn as I go.

 Not sure what I will make with the charms eventually, I have requested 2 inch charms that I will cut into 4, 1-inch charms. I think I've lost my mind trying to work with stuff so tiny, but maybe I'll wimp out and do a lap quilt for my first one. Just so I can say I've tried it lol.

Guess who came to town?

Look what I found in my mail box today!!
 And guess who was in it! It's wonderful Wilma Wishbone all the way from Texas.
 She looks like she traveled well. First I was excited to see her and then....
 I spied this beautiful rooster card containing a photo of my newest long distance friend. Corky! Thank you so much Vickie. You have blown me away with your generosity and thoughtfulness! I love the "button" box, pen (from your favourite fabric store), and fun fabric!
 As I was snapping a few photos, my little kitty, Harpo (no, I did not name him lol) came in and pretended not to be interested in what I was doing.
 So, Wilma not seeming intimidated, you know she came from a large extended ranch family, permitted him a closer look...
 a gentle touch...
 and even a short bath to remove any traveling dust from that hard to reach spot on her head.
But Harpo can be fickle and I separated the two of them before he could change his mind and decide she tastes "like chicken" lol.

Again, thanks so much Vickie. I still can't believe I won your pin cushion giveaway...but here's the proof.

PS. Give Corky a hug and tell him thanks for the pic!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Now I've done it

. . . joined in one more hop. I sat on the sidelines, hemming and hawing. Should I? Shouldn't I? Then, I came to Dare I not?

And lucky for me head cheerleader

still had room for me. Thank you Amy! And so I will be joining the other creative bloggers in calling out Yoo Hoo! Boys! This one is for you!

Thank you

for hosting yet another fun bloggy party that promotes such fun and inspiration to create. And of course yet one more opportunity to bless others with our creations (mostly in order to make room for the next ones, but, ahem, we won't let them know that now will we *wink wink*).

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm all a-cluck!

to be attending a black-tie affair!

 Hosted by
 of the
Head cheerleader is none other than the awesomely plucky Ranch Wife and quilter...
of More Stars in Comanche. Click on Vickie above for information on hop sign up. She also has the bestest, and most talented Ranch Patrol Foreman...Corky.

Our sponsors for this hop include:
 some darling sewing pins from Madam Samm which came from Shelly's Buttons and More.
I am super egg-cited to be part of this hop. The competition will be stirring...

and of course the inevitable...
Chicken dance, but here in Quebec it is known as the "danse des canards" or duck dance...

Will keep you updated...