Thursday, October 30, 2014

Embarking on a new quilt adventure

Last year I joined a quilt guild for the first time. The Patchwork Guild of Rawdon meets the second Saturday of the month (9-11), and has a workshop the fourth Saturday of the month (9-3). I can tell you it is not always easy to make it when I finish work at 8 a.m. but I do my best to try anyways.

This year, they decided to do one quilt throughout the year. We will be doing Elizabeth's Sampler "Let's Begin"

We are to learn and complete one or two blocks per month. The first two blocks that were demonstrated were Friendship Star, and Churn Dash...using the hand piecing method. Well, hand piecing is not me and so I will be machine sewing these blocks. 

The two blocks we received at the October workshop last weekend were the Sawtooth Star with appliqued heart, and the Maple Leaf.

These are the fabrics I bought for this project...


From right to left...
1. light background
2. main fabric (floral print)
3. Dark (rose) print
4. Medium (pink) print
5. Light Green print (contrast #1)
6. Medium-Dark green print (contrast #2)
7. Sashing Fabric
8. Posts
9. Border
9. Binding
10. Backing fabric (not pictured here)

A lady at my local quilt shop spent a good amount of time with me, assisting me in my choices. I would never have chosen these, but I totally love them and I can't wait to make this quilt (49" x 69").

Only one problem, I'm terrified to cut the fabric for fear of messing it up LOL.
I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hopping with Black Cat Crossing ~ Take Two

Woo Hoo! Good morning everyone. Welcome to those who are just joining me, and a great big thank you to those coming back (explanation post here)

Thank you again Mdm Samm and Wicked Wendy for organizing this wickedly fun hop. And a huge thank you to Maywood Studios.

I don't usually "do" Halloween anymore, no decorations here, but there was a time when I did. Working on the re-organization in my sewing studio over the summer, I found some old halloween fabric.

I bought it at Walmart (at least 3 metres, goodness knows why) back when my son was in daycare. It was the year he turned 4 (he just turned 17 this month) and he had a pillow for nap time and I decided to make him some "seasonal" pillowcases. He loved it, I was thrilled.

Now with so much fabric leftover, it has sat there stored away since. Well, some time ago a found a (fabulous to me) free pattern for a "Take-Along Place Mat" designed by Cinzia Alloca; that has sat there waiting for me to get over my phobia of zipper installation.

This pattern had easy to follow explanations and what stumped me? The "hand sewn" binding. Guess there is a first time for everything. Can I just say that I have discovered...I DO NOT want to do it again for a while. I love this pattern and want to make many more, but I will figure out how to do a machine sewn binding or "horror of horrors" for you serious quilters who prefer hand binding, I will change up the backing fabric and turn it into a "faux" binding by pulling it around to the front.

Here is where I was when I wrote my "Take One" post...

Thanks to a very kind comment from a friend, I did not give up and leave you with the above photos. Her kindness spurred me on to complete what seemed insurmountable and overwhelming at that time. Thanks C! Look, no more clips! Though I must say that poor puppy dog has been wagging it's tail ALL NIGHT! (so much for being back quick lol)

Very proud to have persevered and love my finished mat. Unh don't get to see my horrid hand, look instead at this...

I've already begun plans for a table runner for next year...a kitty in this kind of handstitching I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE *wink*

Well, people will be rising soon for breakfast so I'm gonna go check out all the lovlies who shared my day with me...oops coffee cup empty...another refill and then some hopping...

Wednesday, October 22

(you are here...) Living With Purpose

Hopping with Black Cat Crossing ~ Take One

Thank you Mdm Samm and Wicked Wendy for organizing this wickedly fun hop. And a huge thank you to Maywood Studios for producing such a beautiful line of fabric!

Due to my seeming non ability to complete a project with a respectful amount of time prior to due date (how did I ever work in administration??!!), I am currently experiencing technical difficulties with some very important do you seasoned quilters manage this with such ease it's like wrestling a cat at bathtime?!

In the meantime, please enjoy the following tune...I am going completely batty at this moment (a temporary setback I assure you)

and then please visit the super workmanship of those wonderfully creative people I am sharing my day with...

Wednesday, October 22

(you are here...) Living With Purpose

I'll be back in a few shakes of a puppy dog's tail!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Calling all Whovians . . .

and especially lovers of cross-stitch. There is a new Doctor in town.


Via the Craftsy platform I came across a designer with various versions, in cross stitch of the 9th, 10th, 11th, and now the 12h Doctor. Even, Jack Harkness . . .

Kate Gatti, aka Hornswoggle, has many beautiful patterns, and can be found on Craftsy, Etsy, and Facebook.

I have no affiliation, other than as a consumer *wink*, but I love her work! And I am now the proud owner of a 12th Doctor x-stitch pattern that I'm going to begin sewing as I eagerly watch each week.

F.Y.I. sorry son, this one is to be mine! Though, there is to be a 2nd version coming out in a couple of weeks that will be more complicated and have more colours; and I will probably feel the need to get that one too, so maybe this one will be yours after all . . . wait and see.