Friday, July 19, 2013

FNSI July 19 (Part 1)

I'm feeling a bit nervy. We are experiencing stronger than everyday winds and excessive heat and this has been joined by stormy weather. I've been hearing the thunder for the last hour, and the grey clouds accompanied by rain have moved in. The lights are beginning to flicker and I am worried I may not be able to sew tonight if we lose power. Ugh!

I picked up the last few things I needed to play around with my diaper wet clothing pail cover, bibs for two friends newborns, and clear vinyl to work on some see thru zipper purse pouches.

So just in case I am putting out this little note, because if I cannot sew, then I will cut in preparation to sew over the weekend.

Happy sewing, and if I can be there, I will.


  1. Hope everything went well for you and you got some sewing done.

    Happy days.

  2. glad it settled enough for you to join us! xox sugary hugs