Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Looking Forward to...

the remainder of 2014.

We are well into summer now, back to school supply sales are already in full swing around here, and I feel that this is a perfect time to reflect on what I would like to accomplish during the latter half of this year.

Back in the beginning of the year, I signed up for a few monthly things such as ALYOF, and A Handmade Christmas Challenge. I haven't managed to keep up with them, some are just larger projects than I am ready for, such as the Delightful Stars Quilt Along. I've also been participating in blog hops with Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt. Totally loving those! These hops have been helping me to stretch creatively and as they are so much fun, I feel totally up to the challenge of making something new for each one. So much creative talent and lovely ladies cheering each other on. Love you all!

In addition to the blog hops, I've been considering some types of projects and goals I would like to work towards achieving for the end of 2014. I'm hoping to work more realistically both time and ability-wise, in order to better manage my creative time and energy.

I have been working on a re-org of my sewing, dare I call it a, studio. Really, that is a post in itself, as it is a major project, just don't expect any fancy gingham wall painting like Mdm Samm, my walls are chip board, but you'll have to wait and see LOL.

This year, I wanted to learn how to knit them and to actually complete a pair of hand knitted socks. Until now I had started two different pairs. The first pair is also in this post, and the second pair are here. I was almost finished sock 1 of the first pair when I discovered a big error. I put them aside and started the second pair. Ha, half way through sock 1 I discovered a dropped stitch, so, I frogged and began again. I have no idea how to find a dropped stitch let alone how to fix it...so, it was frogged, and I restarted the sock as it knits up pretty straightforwardly. Ha ha, I dropped a stitch again somewhere about the same place, put it aside and moved onto something else. My patience just wasn't there to deal with it, and this is supposed to be fun not frustrating, right?!

So, cleaning my studio the other day, I came across sock number 1, still on the needles, put my foot in and fell in love. Frog city, frogged yarn is not pretty, but...forging ahead! I decided to start two socks at one time and to do so many rounds on the first sock, and then to follow up with same on second sock. Now this is fun! They will both be finished around the same time, Oh, and I found a friend at my quilt guild who knits so next time I get into trouble, I have someone to ask for help. Yay! Fewer frogs here, I'm hoping. Sorry, no sneaky peakys today!

This post is getting long, but I've also always wanted to knit a sweater, a cardigan to be exact. With craftsy's flash sale, I joined the class called "My First Sweater" with Amy Ross. She has a lovely voice and such a pretty face. The laced with gray hair in a bun, glasses, and clothing, and she truly could be my sister LOL

Oh, I just love it! I've printed off the materials, and I know I've got enough yarn in my stash to do this. Yay!!

So these are my two main knitting projects that I want to work towards for the remainder of 2014. I'm gonna keep thinking about and working on the various things I'm involved in and will update my "Wanna Do" page as I figure things out. Well, lunch will be ready in a few minutes and mmmm I am hungry.


  1. we all have our gifts....and you are claiming yours...and I do look forward to your sewing studio...no gingham painting/ lol welllll soon I will be showing all the steps..you might reconsider lol

  2. I am so envious of your knitting. I just don't get it, but I've never tried..lol My daughter loves it. I'm sure your socks will be perfect this time around. You have some great goals for the end of the year and I'll be there to watch you achieve them. Can't wait to see your studio.

  3. Shari I Love the look of something knitted but I don't knit I am a avid crocheter. If I mess up, I go back and fix it or it will bug me forever. I also need to be working on a couple different projects(crochet) at once, as I get so bored with the same colors. My second half of the year goals are quilting, a craft I have always wanted to try as I love working with fabric. Isn't Madame Samm just the Greatest, we are sew blessed!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  4. Shari, you are most ambitious ! I can't knit or crochet...don't really want too at this point in my life. But I will cheer you on ! How bout that ?

  5. You are knitting!! You are going to be so addicted to it :)