Friday, July 11, 2014

New mid-September Hop

Sign ups are open over at Carol's ~Just Let Me Quilt~ !

Woo Hoo! Mdm Samm and Carol are hosting a second blog hop in September 
with Studio E - RUSH HOUR.

Living so close to work, I no longer have to contend with Rush Hour traffic, but breakfast IS rush hour in my house every day! And this image does totally look like me in the morning LOL

These are my favourite fabrics from Studio E

Some definite ideas in mind for "rush houry" type things I would like to make, 
using Gray, Red, White, or Black fabric.

For full info, please visit Mdm Samm or Carol on how to sign up and just what's involved.
Their pom poms are stirring up a lot of inspiration!


  1. What a great idea - thank you for the heads up ;)

  2. Love the teacup fabric....makes me want to have a
    nice cuppa!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. Working from home, I am happy not to deal with rush hour anymore! Can't say I miss it. That will be such a fun blog hop!