Wednesday, July 9, 2014

College Days

blog hop with Soma and other awesome designers that began July 1, has me hooked...

Way back in high school, I never truly felt as though I fit in, but my senior year (Secondary five) was my best year there. Fast forwarding to college, I attended Vanier College (1989 - 1991), where I studied Natural Science - Applied Ecology option. I wanted to be a forest ranger. In college studying with others who, like me, wanted to be there, I no longer felt like a fish out of water; but, seasons in life come and go, and I left after completing only two of a three-year-program. No regrets, for without those decisions, I would not be where I am now...but, this College Hop is bringing back many great memories.

Soon, it will be time for my son to head off to college, and I hope to have this quilt completed for him when he goes. Thankfully I still have one full year left...maybe, just maybe, that will be sufficient time in which I can finish it *wink*.

This was not the first block offered, but I chose to complete it as my first.


I chose to add a bit of backstitch to the 101 as well..

And it wasn't until I completed the block that I punfully thought of "school of fish". You can shake your head and groan at that one, my son certainly did. Oh and he is totally aware of this block, and will be of future ones as well, he just has no idea what I am doing or that it will eventually be for him. What fun it will be to have had his input all along LOL


Here is the list of designers we've seen so far, plus, Soma's up tomorrow . . .

The Designers -
2. 07/02 Esther, ipatchandquilt
3. 07/03 Alida, TweLoQ
4. 07/04 Michelle, misha29
5. 07/07 Cheryl, Meadow Mist Designs
6. 07/08 Alyce, Blossom Heart Quilts
7. 07/09 Janine, Rainbow Hare
8. 07/10 Soma, Whims And Fancies


  1. way to go Shari...hurray for college days

  2. I totally get it Shari and let me tell you......Your not a fish outta water in the quilting world my friend.. You're awesome !

  3. Love the school of fish block. I didn't groan but had a little giggle. No fish out of water rock!

  4. Great idea with the school of fish!! Love your block. That will be fun to see your son's face when he finds out that you are doing all this for him :)

    Thanks so much for cheering along, Shari! You are wonderful :)