Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Oh, but there were some secret super powers revealed today!

Our ever growing list has gained:

~SUPER MugRuggy
~A weight watcher
~SUPER brave bug kisser :0) with beautifully stitched runners
~ Spreader of light and love
~A Java Junkie
~SUPER Stitcher, able to create community one stitch at a time

 And we are a creative community with sew much love to share.

Did you remember to check back with Mdm. Samm to see which creative lovelies were chosen for WOW, and CREATIVE top 2? They were SUPER!
Also, if you want to see all participant entries in one place, check Mdm Samm's Pinterest board...link found on my right hand sidebar. 

Tomorrow continues with Day 4 of the SUPERPOWER hop with:

 Gratuitous photo of the day:

Apparently my son has begun walking to the garbage can in bare feet. Sunday gave us a dusting of snow and he walked barefoot regardless. I had to take a photo of his footsteps when I saw this out the window...do you see? 

When questioned how he managed to walk in two directions simultaneously, he laughed as hard as I did because it was not intentional and he hadn't even noticed. F.Y.I. My son is 6'1" and apparently walks with a long stride. So I guess my word is "priceless!"


  1. I love this pic.....Sometimes we are just blessed to catch great moments on film... Blessings!

  2. Interesting. How does he do that? Nice catch!!