Sunday, April 13, 2014

Signups are open

for the next blog hop...

**Full information found at Sew We Quilt**

Hostess keeping us hopping:
!Sew we quilt

Cheered and kept organized by:
I Piece 2-Mary
I Piece 2-Mary

For beautiful baskets..

For beautiful laminates and sew much more...

Mdm Samm says: YOU WILL NEED....

#1 create a picnic quilt

#2 obtain some kind of picnic basket ( I recommend taking a peak at Peterboro Baskets, also a sponsor of our hop...

#3 plan a detailed menu and share your basket contents.

#4 take photos of your outing and share how your day went....

#5 what books or games did you bring along

( no phones, no electronic gadgets...must be left in the car or better yet at home)

How to sign up...

will require : 
In your subject line...
Yes, I want a Perfect PICNIC.
Your name
Your email addy
Your name of your blog
Your url...
Quilt Inspiration can be found here:

with Cori Blunt of Chitter Chatter Designs (website) as well as her blog Creativity Amongst Chaos.

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