Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 4 ~ SUPERPOWERS Revealed

But is an idea of today's weather...

It was cold enough that Harpo (the kitty) snuggled under the blankets all night, and now is loving the woodstove, which of course is also where I can be found *wink*

Today's reveal of SUPERPOWERS:

~ Colouring outside the lines
~ EPP with the sexy hexy
~ Tambour Embroiderer...lovely!
~ Busy Bee or Flower Gardener Extraordinaire
~ Mistress of Mess
~ Super Sewer

As always, check back with Mdm. Samm to see which creative lovelies were chosen for WOW, and CREATIVE top 2?
Also, if you want to see all participant entries in one place, check Mdm Samm's Pinterest found on my right hand sidebar. 

Tomorrow continues with Day 5 of the SUPERPOWER hop with:
 I'll be there with my notepad and pencil taking notes of powers and inspiring ideas. Just cause, inquiring minds want to know....

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