Monday, April 28, 2014

Holes, Holes, Everywhere!

Vickie M., I'm pretty sure you didn't, but thought I'd ask just in case...did you catch and relocate that armadillo that was playing in your garden?

Here is why I ask...

 sew creative, wavy patterns,
and even making tiny holes.

I am sure it cannot be my precious squirrels, for they have not touched even one tulip bulb (of which I hear they are rather fond). My beautiful perennial gardens do not seem to have been touched. One whole side of my yard remains, as yet, unscathed.

I suppose it could be a vole. They are not large, and I know for certain I did not get rid of all the white wormlike grub thingies from my yard last year. Could that be it?

I suppose I could take my photos to the local garden centre...they will likely be a good source of information. All guesses welcome...speculation adds to the bring it on!


  1. I showed my husband and he said looks like a mole .

  2. Here is a link to a electronic mole repeller

  3. I know how you feel Shari, that is terrible ! No, I didn't catch it, it stayed away for a long time, but now there is one or the same one, who knows, digging deep holes in my front flower bed. Relocate ? I'm not going to relocate it.