Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Whose words do we believe most

I've heard asked, "How can we be sure the Bible is true? It was written by mere men such as ourselves." Men with limitations, opinions, and feelings, easily mislead or biased, even wrong.

And yet we have no problem following the people of today. Foolishly believing that the government, big food companies, medical community and other groups specifically have our best interests at heart.

For example, artificial sweeteners are in everything. It is no longer possible to buy unsweetened gum, only sugar free. Many of these same sweeteners have been vigorously tested and have been shown to be unsafe in quantity and with lengthy usage, and yet they are still on the market and we still buy them. But of course, "they" the large companies have our best interests at heart by not selling us sugar that could make us overweight and ruin our health. Instead we are told it is better to ingest chemical compositions that taste sweet, no moderation needed, and with no supposed side effects.

I don't pretend to know everything there is to know about the Bible. I believe the Bible to be true. To be God's words to us. Telling us the things He wants us to know, the things He wants us to do. With God's help, the mere men who wrote the Bible did some very amazing things.

I struggle daily with being obedient to God's word. I seem to fail more often than not. I am grateful for His mercy and guidance. I am grateful that God used mere men to write the Bible that I (and others) can read the recorded history of the world and learn from the events of people just like me...people who both fail and yet can also succeed with God's power. So much to learn, so little time...

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