Tuesday, September 30, 2014

RUSH HOUR ~ A final look...

Every day I refill the feeders, and I've taken to spreading some sunflower seeds 
on the ground for the squirrels to forage. 
They are fun to watch prancing through the grass, sometimes digging to hide them, 
though something tells me they will have trouble reaching these ones once the ground freezes 
and the snow comes . . . silly squirrels.

Since I've taken to spreading the seed this way, I've had anywhere between 8 and 10 squirrels at a time. Hence . . .


  1. I just love the black squirrels! I live in northern Indiana and there aren't that many in my area....but drive north just 20 minutes, and they are all over the place. Go figure. And brown or black or gray....they surely are silly!

  2. Black Squirrels are so pretty ! LOL Rush Hour

  3. I've never seen black squirrels...they are so cute! Rush Hour was just amazing!