Thursday, May 15, 2014

Phew, I was

getting nervous! The picnic hop is fast approaching with me precariously close to running out of my precious DMC thread, and my delivery not yet arrived....well, phew! I was perilously close to the "depths of despair" (Anne of Green Gables quip) but, I can rest easier now, it is here. Okay, it only took a week, but it felt like at least two weeks =)

So I am continuing my work on my picnic hop project, I will include another sneaky peaky photo later for FNSI, which is today if you happen to be in Australia, and I just love to pretend, twice a month, that I am from down under...

Break time is up. Taking my last sip of coffee now, and back to the kitchen, where I have been working on making homemade ginger soda (my base will be ready just after the weekend), and next I plan to make some yummy zuchini bread. Then I really must get outside and set up the pump for the pool. It is very humid today...not that I am complaining, my daffodils are coming up, and I even have the first tulip out today as well. Yay!

Hope you are having an awesome day!


  1. Making your own gingerale ? And DMC for your picnic quilt ? Very interesting !

  2. ooooo - can hardly wait to see the picnic quilt!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!