Thursday, May 1, 2014

Friday Night With Friends

Well, tomorrow is the first Friday of the month...unless you happen to be in Australia like Cheryl, at Gone Stitchin' (click on the image above), in which case it is already Friday, and they are busy sewing =)

Since I often work Friday night, sewing is out of the question for me and so I will usually join in tonight...which I am, and I will give you only a sneaky peak of my work...big blog hop coming up you know...A Perfect, this is a bit hush hush for now

I love doing chicken scratch on gingham so...that is what I am doing.

Also working on another Easter cross-stitch pattern, this one for myself. It will eventually say "Jesus is Risen"

And for enjoyment, I am listening to David Nevue...

His albums are also available on iTunes! Sorry about the YouTube ads!


  1. Popping in from FNWF, I love Gingham and that green is gorgeous

  2. some lovely projects on the go... pretty green colour....

  3. Hi Shari - oh that is lovely cross stitching, well done... and it's been a long time since I've seen chicken scratch, yours is lovely!

  4. Seeing you stitching on gingham took me right back to my school days when all the girls learned how to do that. Don't think we did anything that sounds as fun as Chicken Scratch Stitch though. Wonder what you are going to make wit it...... Lovely cross stitching too.

  5. I've never tried chicken scratch....yours is pretty....hmmm, will there be a chicken on your picnic quilt ?