Sunday, May 18, 2014

Flowers and FNSI Results

 Here is a section of my as yet unweeded, unraked flower garden. I am in process of removing the forsythia bush...mainly because it does too well in this spot and overshadows everything else lol. It has beastly deep roots.

This was originally a vegetable garden but when I changed places of work, I no longer had time or energy to consistently devote to tending my gardens, so I removed all the raised beds and bought perennial bulbs and plants at discount prices. In here I have muscari, various types of lilies, daffodils (various types), tulips, astilbe, several types of hostas, and other plants I can't remember off the top of my head.  My ultimate goal was to create a perennial garden that blooms all summer long. Over time most of these perennials will  spread on their own, but they take some time to do so. So for the times the garden appears sparse, I add annual flowers like petunias or marigolds. I love these flowers because they are extremely hardy and so much less susceptible to frost which we can get right into June and again in September. The growing season here is so short, but I do love gardening.

I also love day lilies and have many throughout my yard. To demonstrate how hardy, and virtually indestructible they are, here are some that are in my son's old kiddy pool awaiting transplanting. They have been waiting about three years now, and yes, they do bloom here as well. Hoping I will get around to replanting them this year when we finish putting up the sections of fence along the road way. My forsythia bush will also be moved to there as well.

Okay, finally, let's get down to my FNSI...although I am showing only a small portion, I did get quite a lot of work done...

This is actually the reverse of my project, and it is easy to see why this has been dubbed "chicken scratch" embroidery. I had been doing some cross stitch prior to this project, and I found it difficult to get back to the imperfection of chicken scratch...I mean in cross stitch using aida cloth, each stitch is pretty much identical to its neighbours, in chicken scratch there is so much more room for variation in each stitch, but it really is quite lovely when done...not so the reverse of the work, but that too is acceptable =)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I worked this weekend, but also managed to finish opening the pool. The filtration system is set up, finally found the vacuum head attachment, the filter basket, etc. Tomorrow, if the nice weather continues, I will vacuum the pool, and I picked up gas for the lawn mower and, God willing, that will get done tomorrow as well. I also picked up some marigolds and cascading petunias for my hanging baskets and window boxes, as well as the earth I will need. Maybe I'll even have time to get to that tomorrow as well. Then I can take more photos....yay!


  1. Can hardly wait to see the hanging baskets and window boxes. I always love seeing them. THey add so much character….your FNSI looks interesting.

  2. Your plans for your garden sound lovely. Interesting sneaky peek of your FNSI.

  3. Can't wait to see more of your chicken scratch. I've never tried it, but I've seen some nice results! And I love your crafty squirrel in your header pics.

  4. your garden will look great when all the bulbs flower..
    Interesting chicken scratch project...

  5. I'm impressed, a garden that has something blooming all the time takes a lot of planning !

  6. Wow....that garden will look spectacular with all those bulbs blooming! How wonderful....wish I had that dedication to it.....I do in my mind, but my body aches with osteoarthritis and I end up worse for wear after a session!!!! That chicken scratch looks 'scratchy'......would love to see the front!! My mum used to do that when she was alive and I had many tablecloths with her work on them. You sound extremely busy Shari!!! thanks for joining with me for FNSI!! xox sugary hugs :o)

  7. Lovely garden pics Shari, even if it the beds are looking a bit unloved!
    I'm not a gardener at all, so my gardens are mostly hardy native Aus plants, with a few of my beloved hibiscus too...
    Your chicken scratch is coming along nicely, well done!