Monday, March 31, 2014

TUSAL ~ March 30

A day late, but here are my ORTs since last posting. Most of my threads this month are grey. Foundation paper piecing threads were my greatest contributor this month, But down in the bottom are the red threads from my small stitchery of the month.

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And a gratuitous video. Love listening to these birds, though I usually get out earlier before commuter traffic starts so I can listen to them sing longer. You also get to see how much snow we still have, but it is melting slowly. The first small tree is my cherry tree. The metal can is my ash can for the ashes from my wood stove. I will eventually spread these over the grass. The small green building is my crafting studio. Soon we will be warm enough that I will work in there rather than at the dining room table. The big maple tree to the right of my studio is one of the main areas where the tractor blows our driveway snow all winter...hard to believe the base of that tree will eventually be ringed with flowers.

Happy stitching, see you on April 29 for the next TUSAL report!

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  1. Shari, one needs these small precious sounds after such a long snowy winter :) Thanks for sharing!