Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quiet Book Sew-Along

with Sherri at Thread Riding Hood. We are well into week 2 and here is my first post. We will only be binding in October, so I figure even I am pretty safe to get fully caught up by then. lol

Go here if you would like to follow along or just see what's what. Sherri has all the links conveniently in one place. Sew very organized!

Okay... I was originally going to make this quiet book/busy book for my mom who suffered from both Alzheimer's and dementia. Circumstances having changed I have decided to go ahead and make this book anyway with the same clientele in mind and donate it to the residence where I work. I've no doubt someone will make good use of it.

Sherri asked us if we wanted to go with a scrappy look, that is, with different fabric for the cover and for the pages, or if we wanted a more cohesive look, with same cover and pages, or different cover fabric but same page fabric. I've decided to go with cohesive cover and pages.

Here are my fabric and bias tape.

And here are most of the fabrics I have chosen  for the first page, all except for the cloud fabric. For the cloud I would prefer to use a piece of the fake fur I have outside in my craft shed, but I am going to wait for my ds to shovel the path to the door. If I cannot find it (it has been around a l-o-n-g time, at least 16 years), then I will use the white flannel I have on hand instead).

This is the ribbon. I think I have enough for all the page tabs. Then yellow for the sun, and blue for the sky. The blue is square scraps that I will have to sew to size.

The sunflower fabric is for the house, the homespun for the door, and the green for the grass.

My snaps are also somewhere outside, I'll have to look for them on the weekend or go buy some more.

Well, that is my progress for today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a lovely idea. I work with people with dementia before and this would have been nice there

  2. Wow - I haven't seen this before. I love the fabrics that you have picked out. That ribbon is really cute too. I love your spinning wheel in your header!
    xo jan