Sunday, March 9, 2014

FNWF - Feb 7

Note: If you are interested in Crafting It Forward with me, visit this post and follow the directions there...thank you! I still have 4 spots open.

Cheryll over at Gone Stitchin' hosted FNWF again this past Friday. Please check out the sign-ups post to see what everyone else got up to and here to see what Cheryll was busy with.

I worked this weekend, but took the time to cut out my 5" fabric squares to make some bunny treat bags for the Sewing Bee with SGOT (Sewing Gifts on Time yahoo group). Washed my 10 fat quarters and dried them with the iron (also busy cutting 2" squares for the upcoming PSQ swap).

Then I washed my fat quarters purchased during the Sew Sisters fat quarter frenzy in February - Riley Blake "Priscilla" fabrics to use in the Sew Kitschy BOM over at Quiet Play.

Phew, I can tell you that just simply that took up pretty much all of the free time I had on Friday. My arm was tuckered out from all that ironing.

I hand washed all my fat quarters in Euculan (love the lavendar smell), which does not require rinsing. Wrung them out gently, then ironed them dry. That should take care of most shrinkage. According to Curious Quilter's guidelines, it is preferable to wash our fabrics prior to cutting for's what I did LOL.

I also started the sock KAL from another yahoo group Holiday Mystery Gifts. By this morning on my break I reached about 6" from cast on edge. I'm totally loving both this yarn (Knitpicks...something or other, yarn from my stash with no ball band) and this pattern "Plain Talk Socks" from sailingknitter on Ravelry.

And that about does it for me this FNWF. Looking forward to next month! Thanks Cheryll!

Oh, and one gratuitous nature photo:  presenting Squirrel...

Call me crazy, but I started feeding them this winter. Well, it seems I always feed them since they enjoy my bird feeders, but this year I stopped chasing them away. I have 3 or 4 black squirrels and 3 or 4 grey squirrels that come twice daily guaranteed. They love the sunflower seeds in my feeders, as well as the peanuts I throw out onto the snow for them. They don't like to get too close to each other so I scatter the peanuts along the top of the snow in two directions so everyone can eat at the same time. Periodically, blue jays join them by swooping down from a nearby tree and grabbing a peanut, then flying away to another tree to eat it. It is lots of fun watching them! My husband laughs and says they have all become as big as cats since I started feeding them this fall. LOL

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. With sun like this, the snow bothers me less. Beautiful weekend for skiing if you are a skier!


  1. Well you certainly kept busy over the weekend and your ravelry pattern is just gorgeous. I wouldn't be able to resist feeding the squirrels either for they look rather cute.

  2. Lots your gorgeous knitting!! Little squirrel is so cute.

  3. My you had a busy and productive weekend. The little furry and feathered friends are very thankful to have you feed them with only snow to cover any other possibilities. Blessings...

  4. Very pretty sock yarn! Cute squirrel, too.

  5. Cute squirrel , and very cute sock. Lovely lot of fabrics.