Saturday, August 3, 2013

FNWF - August

Had a great time Cheryl..

 Actually began Thursday evening because I just could not wait :) but did not take any photos as it was too dark. I am making a high loft lap quilt for my sil...Using 4 inch squares, I pieced them all together Thursday evening 9 squares x 9 rows, and then Friday morning I was up at 4:30 a.m. busy sewing the strips together.

 This is my first time ever attempting any kind of quilt past the draft on paper stage so I've made a few booboos along the way and had to rip several seams and start over. all my strips put together and trying it on my lap for size.
 Liking how it drapes my computer chair. I am amazed at how simple squares sewn together can look so awesome.
The plan is to handstitch a few words. So I have a bunch here, working on placement.
 Decided to go with only 5 words...had four white squares completed Friday, but not the fifth one on the red square...not enough light.

 Completed this one this afternoon only because I was out all day with the granddaughter (4 yrs. old) of course. Oops...totally need to edit this post and add that the embroidery designs come from Jenny of Elephantz. "Trust, Faith, Pray, and Love" are freebies available on her pattern shop. "Believe" came from the August issue of Elephantz HOME available as an instant download from her craftsy shop also. **Thank you Jenny for your awesome inspiration!**
 And this will be the backing fabric for my lap quilt. I still need to buy the high-loft batting. I've begun marking with safety pins the staggered pattern where I will add my ties to make this a tied quilt. Not sure if I will use bows or what...will decide when I get there :)

Excited with how this project is progressing and that I had a very productive FNWF...see you all next month.

Thanks for the pop through here to see what the others have been up to :)



  1. Your quilt looks great glad to find another new person on FNWF

  2. Wow! You sure accomplished a lot. Great quilt and your stitching is beautiful.

  3. Wow. I'm impressed. I love the quilt, love it with the words even more and think you have done an awesome job (with the help of that little minion!)

  4. I like this. She will, too, I'm sure.