Sunday, August 18, 2013

FNSI August 16

Edited Aug. 27/13: Random Generator selected Kelliott as FNSI winner of this lovely prize. Congratulations!

Oooh boy, am I in the dog house this week. I did some sewing almost every day except Friday night :)
I never did finish the lap quilt for my sil before her vacation ended. I learned a valuable lesson this week, you cannot sew a medium loft quilt with a regular presser least not and have stitches that resemble more than pinpricks. So I began the search for a walker foot. I have a simple sewing machine, a Babylock BL3500. I love my machine but accessories are seemingly not so simple to come by. I called my local Babylock dealer and they don't have in stock. Waiting a few days to hear back from them, I learned that I need to know what type of shank I have...googling led me to believe I have a low shank machine, so I will call the store later today and see if they can order me one. Phew!!!! I sure hope so because I so want to learn to quilt!!

So here is the sewing I have worked on this week...
 I moved the pins in the quilt from the corners of the blocks to the centers.

 Tied every second block corner using six-stranded embroidery thread. U.n.b.e.l.e.i.v.a.b.l.y hard to push the needle through. I was ever so grateful that I am only making a lap quilt.
 Trimmed my batting to fit, and then trimmed my backing fabric down to one inch.
 In an effort to make things easier, I am self binding with the backing fabric, but I will have to do this part by hand since I still don't have a walking foot, nor do I really want to wait too long to complete this project.

Now, on Thursday evening (technically Friday if you live in Australia lol) I worked on a top secret pin cushion project. I will be part of the
So this is as much as I dare to show here. Originality is not my strong suit so when I do manage to come up with an idea as much as I would love to share it...I have to keep it all hush hush.
 On Sunday I went shopping for sewing stuff. Believe it or not, I spent 2 and 1/2 hours in one store. Wow! I took the time to look at EveryThing! I bought some fusible, wash away embroidery stabilizer. Some pellon wonder under, pellon craft stabiliser. Quilting marking pencils, crewel needles, and some adorable pins with butterfly heads. Not that I needed the pins right now, but they were just so cute!
 The buttons, rings, clips, zippers, ribbon and trims are for a fidget apron I am planning to make for my mom who has Alzheimers and really loves to fidget with everything.
 Then I also bought lots of fabric. Natural Kona cotton, gingham black as well as marine, dishtowel fabric for Christmas gifts, flannel gingham in blue and green to make bootied pyjamas for my mom`s "baby" doll. The blue and yellow fabric in the foreground is what I will use for the fidget apron. The chick and rooster fabrics will likely become towel toppers for my kitchen. Oh, and in the back is some beautiful purple corduroy and a purple and blue "splotchy" fabric I think will end up as something in my mom's room.
Spent lots of money and had a great time. Then I came home and divided up the fabric into various ziplock baggies with the printed instructions and pattern pieces. So this week I will be getting down and busy.

I was too tired to do any sewing last night. I've been having trouble with my allergies this year. I'm taking pills, but on a day like yesterday when the pollen count is so high, I sneezed, sniffled, blew my nose and grumbled my way through the day. Today my ribs feel tender and achy front and back, but I feel better over all. At least I am not trying to rub my face off lol.

So, please excuse me for not really producing during this month's FNSI...but I will be back to try again next month! Now, I'm going to go hop around and see what is happening with everyone who signed up.

Thanks Wendy for hosting FNSI and Anthea for donating the lovely prize (scroll down to see). Good luck and good health Wendy in your retirement.


  1. Your lap quilt looks lovely. Some wonderful goodies there from your shopping. Hugs,xx

  2. lovely work... it is worth taking the time with it....

  3. Your quilt is coming along well. Looking lovely.
    Great idea for the apron for your mum. Lovely gift.

  4. I have never seen a quilt tied like that - I'm sure it will look wonderful. Wishing you luck in getting some great accessories for your machine, you will love being able to do some new things on it! Of course, if it's too hard to get the right accessories, or your machine is just not compatible with what you want to do, there's always the option of getting a new machine that can, LOL!
    Great FNSI for you!