Thursday, January 30, 2014

TUSAL - January 30

Okay, January 30th is here, and it is time to join DaffyCat for the TUSAL. Go here for a full explanation and/or to sign up and join in the fun!

This has been a pretty productive month! Included in my jar are bits of sewing thread, dmc floss, yarn, and batting from all the various projects I have worked on since my last post.

I often take my smaller projects with me in the car, or to work, or anywhere I will be sitting for any extended length of time. I will need to find something to take with me to store my bits in while I am out and about. A glass jar just does not travel well. Right now I am using a small ziploc baggie when I bring my hand stitching with me. What do you use? Any suggestions?

Here is my jar:

Guess I will empty this into a ziploc and begin again. Next TUSAL check in is March 1. Happy stitching till then!


  1. I don´t take my cross stitch projects out off home but I think that a small ziplock baggie is perfect. I take my crochet instead of cross stitch.

  2. When I stitched, I used to have a quilted bag custom-sized for my largest frame. There were several small pockets inside and out, handy for thread ends, small tools, etc. Many folks use a pillowcase to protect their work; it would easy to add a pocket or two. I think TUSAL sounds like a great idea, Shari :)

  3. Maybe one of those small bead containers can be used as a traveling ort jar. They have screw on lids.

  4. Hi Shari, I use a ziploc bag for my projects, but have often thought I need something a little better!

    Would love for you to link this up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!!

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