Saturday, January 4, 2014

A late Friday on the Needles

We had someone here working on our electric baseboards yesterday so I had plenty of time to sit here knitting. With -30ish degree celsius weather over the last three days, the fact that we had no heat in the basement was really beginning to show. We had also unhooked the heater in the living room when we installed the wood stove, just until we could put in a shorter length heater. Suffice it to say that it was chilly, but more than bearable, we did not use the portable plug in heaters this year because of the wood stove I guess. All the same, it is nice not to have very cold floors. Oh and the basement wasn't as bad as all that, because my potatoes and things I store down there did not freeze LOL.

Now Friday's are my day when my dad goes out for a seniors socialization group, and then I pick him up afterwards and take him to visit my mom (who has Alzheimer's and lives in a nursing home). It's always a nice visit, and when we leave I swing by the grocery store to pick up something quick for supper and come home to cook. Now when I got home yesterday, I took photos of my lovely project on the needles...a (drum roll please) sock. Good, that done, I wanted to upload my photos and link up to Patchwork Times for Friday on the Needles. WELL! Enough battery juice to take photos, but not  enough to import them. Ugh! I think it is time to purchase new rechargeables cause these just ain't holding their charge long enough for me!

Ok, enough chitchat...bring on "The Sock"...

See Vickie M. even my couch has roosters in the print lol!

 I cast on Friday morning. Frogged at least five times just the cast on. I'm really not good at calculating for the "long tail cast on".

I've never knit a sweater either, but I assume this is how I would do lovely cuffs as well. Loving my yarn, nothing fancy...Patons Kroy Socks in muslin. I'm also using the free pattern: Patons Kroy Spiral socks (to knit).

Feeling a sense of accomplishment just here at this point. That may very well change to "oh, and now I still have the second one to knit" once I manage to complete the first one lol. At least that is how I am with slippers.

So for what it's worth, here is my Friday on the Needles, just on Saturday. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Oh and 's first hop of 2014 starts Monday. Let the fun begin!
Wake up to Kona! Just Let Me Quilt has us all cheered up and ready to go!


  1. Socks are some of my favorites because my feet love wearing them! Jenny Staiman has a "very stretchy cast-on" that is great for top-down socks! Good for you for getting so much done in the cold!

  2. Great start to your socks! It took me a few false starts before I was on a roll with knitting socks. And I, too, have difficulty figuring out how much of a yarn tail to have with casting on. Thankfully yarn is forgiving! Have fun knitting your sock!

  3. Great start on the socks. I usually miss guess on how much yarn I need on every project I cast on. enjoyed your post and thanks for visiting mine. I'm just catching up after being gone all weekend.

  4. You ambitious woman you ! I can't knit or crochet....those look like they will keep your little tootsies warm..