Sunday, January 26, 2014

FNSI, Quilty Stitches, & On The Needles

Got busy yesterday at my quilting guild meeting, and having the cat shaved, and didn't get around to posting until now. Had a productive FNSI but as you will see in the photos, it really doesn't look like much. Forgot how slow going larger-sized projects can be. Plus it has been a long time since I worked on 14-count aida. So much smaller than the 11-count I've recently been working on for my smalls! Oh, my poor aging eyes!

I chose different colours than Corey at Little Miss Shabby, mostly because I didn't want to wait until my order from Herrschners arrives. Love blues, greens, and purples so that is likely what I am going to continue to go with. The fabric is 14-count Aida in Antique White, so the white stitching doesn't show up very well. I figure it will show more once the other colours fill up the interior. And I'm likely to backstitch my project as well.

Also worked on some knitting and crochet projects...

This is the January mid-month cloth. When finished, photo will be added to my monthly dishcloth KAL page.

Always wanted to crochet in the round. So I've decided to make some round scrubbies. Once I work these out to my liking, I'm going to make some to add to my Christmas box with dishcloths and dishtowels.

Oh, and here is the progress on Sock 1 of my first pair of socks. Bit of a standstill cause I dropped a couple of stitches and picked them up but 1 or maybe two rows down. Guess I was too excited cause I was on my last round before starting work on the toe. Oh well, will pick it up again when I catch up on some upcoming deadlines LOL

Well, that was about it for FNSI and Friday on the Needles. Linking up with Wendy for FNSI and Judy for FOTN!

For your viewing pleasure...

Here is Harpo sleeping being disturbed while trying to sleep along the back of the couch. Yikes his ear is dirty; probably from hanging out in front of the woodstove.

And here he is again in all his furless glory...

I usually only shave him in the Spring, but this year he has begun shedding en masse already. Every time I pick him up, I get a nose full and shirt full of off with his fur! He doesn't go out so he is plenty safe snuggled up near the woodstove. I actually have to shove him out of the way in order to add wood LOL


  1. Shari looks like lots of fun projects....I have never really learned to sew....a simple line...or crochet...even though I believe I would enjoy that...My Mother in law does a great job at sewing, quilting and cross stitch.....I admire anyone who can do those type about you shaved him....I have never seen anyone do that.. I have two cats I rescued...they shed so badly.. They are in the house until Spring..Then outside they go...I will bring them in at night to be safe from the coyotes... I do not think they would sit still long enough for that to happen.. Have a great week. Blessings!

  2. Don't know how you x stitch at night. I would never get the pattern right! LOL! love the cat!

  3. Thank you for sharing, I like the things you make, and your cats.

  4. I'm a first time visitor and can I tell you...I love your peaceful and tranquil!!

  5. Harpo is such a cute naked baby. I have to clip Corky all the time. We have lots of sticker blurs in Texas and his long fur picks them up constantly I keep his belly and hinny shaved.