Saturday, January 11, 2014

My List of Smalls 2014

It was brought to my attention as a good idea to list the projects I wish to accomplish for the Smalls 2014 SAL.

So, in no particular order:

1. Port-a-Potty
2. I (heart) (heart) Gallifrey
3. a) Princess of Perpetual Projects
    b) Queen of Procrastination
4. Stork scissors square fob
5. Stork biscornu
6. (a) Stork scissors case
    (b) Stork needle case
7. Sorry Gone Stitchin
8.Rejoice, Rejoice O Christian
9. Give Thanks
10. A Trifle from a Friend
11. Adore Him
12. Autumn Blessings
Extra: Count Your Blessings (in case I feel a need for a change in my lineup or...incredibly so if I find myself with extra time on my hands LOL)

If during any particular month I have the time to complete two of the projects, then I will double up and add another project to the queue. I've been wanting to do the stork items for some time so by adding them to this list, God willing, they will become a reality this year.


  1. I had to laugh ! port a potty ? What in tar-nation could that be ?

  2. Sound like you are going to be one busy girl. I will check back to see the lovely finishes!

  3. What a line up of stitchery! My goodness, you are ambitious! That should be your word for 2014!