Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blog Hop - See You In September

Good morning! I am so excited, you really can't miss it! 

If you've ever participated in one, then You Know 
. . . Mdm Samm @ Sew We Quilt's
 blog hops Rock! 
And this next one will be no different!

No blog hops over the summer may seem long, but . . .
  that will provide plenty of opportunity to come back
September 3 - 16
with 3 things you've created over the summer . . .
It can be anything . . . Be CREATIVE, show us 
 your knitting, painting, QUILTING, stitching, needlepoint, cross stitch, sewing . . .
1 of those projects must include RBD Gingham . . . 
only 1 project . . . the other projects
will be whatever you want . . .come back in September 
and inspire us . . .
If you do create anything over the summer and wish
to show it on your blog, just do sneak peaks . . .
and save the details for us to shower you with
compliments in the fall.

 As for me, I'm positively squealing in delight for two reasons. 

One, I get to cheer this September Hop, 
and two . . . check me out, I am GINGHAM

Pause a moment while I spin around in my new threads!

Ok, back to business!

I will need the following from you... 
Your name, 
your email address
Your blog Name,
Your link to your blog. 
Please send me this information, along with the 

s.galagher at sympatico dot ca
A Few Easy to Follow
Anyone and everyone can participate in our HOPS.
If ever you wanted to have cheerleaders in your life
to cheer on your creativity . . .
well you do not need to look any further . . .
1. CREATE 3 projects over the summer, one of them  has to be RBD (Riley Blake Designs) gingham . . . the rest, your choice . . . NOW you will be showcasing 3 projects, not 1 or just 2 but 3 . . . any size at all . . .

2. BE a cheerleader for all those who participate, there is nothing 
as heartfelt as your lovely comments.

3. Please turn off your word verification the day of your
post . . .you really do not want to miss any comments . . .
YOU have no idea how that one comment can be a life changer . . .

4. Be sure to add your post at midnight EST. WE have visitors
all around the world who like to get up like we do in North America
to your lovely creations . . .

5. Please ADD everyone including YOUR blog on your post 
that day, so we can find everyone as easily as we found you . . .

6. MOST IMPORTANT, commit, if you don't, you have
taken the spot of someone else who I will be hearing about,
trust me there . . .

7. Add the button to your blog so everyone will note your 
SEE you in SEPTEMBER projects will be revealed soon! 

For those of us who just adore RBD gingham, 
or even just as a favour to those of us who do,
please help spread the word . . .
Click on the logo to visit Mdm. Samm's 
clear explanation of such a worthy cause!

And post this adorable image everywhere!


  1. Your cheerleader is so cute. You will be a great cheerleader! Welcome aboard sweet Shari.

  2. Thanks for cheering this one, Shari! Your look so pretty in gingham ... :) Pat

  3. I am slightly jealous of your super gingham dressed cheerleader. My gingham is on order, can't wait to get busy on it. You will be a fabulous cheerleader. :)

    Marla s Crafts
    This looks like a great hop. Looking forward to it. Thanks for being a cheerleader Shari.

  5. That is so fabulous Shari! You will be a great cheerleader. Love the new outfit :)


  6. Shari, I hope my memory is right in that I DID sign up for this Blog Hop. If not, I certainly WANT to be involved. I've been sewing like crazy!! You're a great Cheerleader.

    Gmama Jane

  7. Oops forgot to give you my info
    Jane Hillis
    Gmama Jane
    Grandmama's Stories
    Hazel Green, Alabama