Monday, February 10, 2014

Signups open for newest hop...

Mdm. Samm and Thearica have a new hop opening up...

Don't know about you, but I for one have always wanted one of these little outdoor flags. Either one to hang off the front porch (house flag), or one of those darling little garden flags. I've never managed to bring myself to purchase one, and always wondered (yet never researched) the possibility of making my own. Hmmm.... This just might be the best time to start giving it some honest thought now.

Our dear Mdm. Samm has found an amazing online company as a sponsor...Flags on a Stick. Full disclosure is to be found on the Sew We Quilt blog, but this company has so many beautiful flags and other items...who knew that you could make your own decorated door mats??!! I don't think I have said "I want" as often since I was a child in the candy store!

Decorative poles can also be purchased through The Flag Outlet. There are some beautiful artistic items to be seen and drooled over. Never mind the flowers, just sprinkle these throughout your yard LOL

This promises to be another fun adventure...for blog participants and viewers. I am truly on the edge of my chair in anticipation of this one!

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  1. Looks great.. Thanks for sharing the infor... I am beginning to enjoy blog hops.. Have a great day.. blessings!