Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Initial Heart Swap 2014

Woo hoo, my swap partner received her valentine's giftie...and in advance of the actual date. Now that makes me happy!

Hosted by Cheryll at Gone Stitchin'

My swap partner was Evalina Z of Marsh Lake, YT.  And now that she has received it I can show you the fun things I sent for her...

These are the little packages she pulled from the mailing box. Wrapped in red tissue, they had various button decorations attached.

I love pretty, yet practical gifts. So, I knitted a double heart dishcloth.

I also learned a new technique called the duplicate stitch, where you stitch over top of an existing knit stitch. Thank you Craftsy. This was a new to me technique, but you can rest assured I will be using it again. To use this technique to add Evalina's initials, I needed a cloth with the heart done in knit and not purl like the first I knitted up this second dishcloth.


And then of course, a dish towel is also required, so I used a towel I had purchased fabric for (with the red stripe down the sides) and hemmed it. Then I used a cookie cutter to trace out two hearts and embroidered them and added her initials.

And lastly, I added some treats...


Loose leaf tea from Le coin du The. (The corner tea). There are two types, one is roasted almond and the second a chocolate mint. They had cute little valentine packages complete with chocolate. I also added a mini tube of hand cream (wild rose)...and...the "fragile" package...

A little chocolate box from "The Chocolate Shoppe" (La maison du Chocolat). This darling little box opens up to contain mini heart chocolates and chocolate drops. It was so nicely wrapped that I didn't dare open it to take pictures. But it was tempting! Pat Lowe, the proprietor is a darling woman. Not only does she make awesome chocolate, but she also (annually) teaches a class at the local elementary school so the littles can make their own chocolate. My son loved it when he was there! She is a super sweet woman, and was very happy to learn that I would be sending off a piece of her work to the Yukon as part of my swap.

Finishing up now with just a group shot...


Best of all, I'm really glad to have pleased my swap partner with her little gifts! Happy Valentines Day Evalina! Oh, and I meant to mention in my (super quick, scribbled note so I wouldn't miss the post office deadline for mailing), it really is ironic, but my mom's maiden name is made me smile to see where you live.


And thank you Cheryll. I truly enjoyed being part of your swap in 2014!


  1. Thank you for lovely gifts dear Shari, they really made my heart smile. Happy Valentines to you too!

  2. This and That sent me over with her joy of her valentine swap gift and I just loved the chocolate box so much I had to check it out. I love when people take interest in the young hearts and minds these days. Not enough of that going on these days. Well have a great day..v day late.