Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday "On The Needles"

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I'm wanting to do some charity sewing and knitting this year. I'm starting out without a concrete plan, but plenty of ideas. Will fill you in as things evolve. For the time being, here is my progress of knitting preemie hat and bootie sets from my yarn stash...

This is actually the 3rd size hat on the needles, with booties for the second size don't but not pictured here. The little "pile" is the smallest size hat and booties. I'm not really keen on sewing them up so I'm not sure when they will actually be complete. lol


  1. you should get some ciruclar needles then there is no seaming. I think circular are the best way to knit

  2. I agree... Love circular needles. I like your idea of concentrating on charity knitting and sewing. Mine is usually not planned but just happens.