Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dr. Who update...

Am I finished...nope. I had been rolling along rather well, but took a break to work on another upcoming blog hop project. I am currently finishing block #12...I did a combined photo of

the two pages in the photo...leaving out the circular thingy. I did finish embroidering block #3 and block #8...but I still have to add sayings to more than a few of the blocks. Actually, this is not easy...Block #8 was only around for one show, and some of the others did not really have any repetitive sayings...but I will persevere and find "something" to put.

I went out and purchased some plain black fabric for the backing. I'm leaning towards using the stripe fabric for the binding..and I'm totally, insanely, considering attempting to applique a tardis on the back. Could I just use double sided fusible stuff or would I have to the applique on as well? Guess I'll have to google it...wouldn't want the Tardis to fall off in the night LOL

We (my son and I) watched the special yesterday. It was good...since we have it on the PVR I'm sure we will watch it again. New estimated completion date is for the Christmas special coming up in December...I'm sure he will let me know when that is...will update with photos soon as I complete the quilt top :)



  1. It's looking GOOD ! Hang in there !

  2. Dr Who is really growing on me. I could not believe it is 50 years old. At least I won't catch up too soon.