Saturday, November 16, 2013

Black Tie Boogie Schedule...

The next hop is about to begin....are you ready? I am very excited to see the wonderful creations sure to come out of this hop!

Thank you to
of Sew We Quilt and
of More Stars in Commanche. Our happy, happy, happy Head Cheerleader, has provided us with the final blog hop schedule. My date is the 27th...and I can't wait!

November 19
November 20
November 21
                                 Pigtales and Quilts   Happy Birthday !

November 22
November 25
November 26
November 27
Living with Purpose  (you are here)

November 28


  1. I'm so looking forward to this should be fun!

    1. I'm really excited as well, I've got a new to me project in the works that I am sew in love with!!

  2. Awesome ! You make me Happy, Happy, Happy !