Friday, October 11, 2013

Now I've done it

. . . joined in one more hop. I sat on the sidelines, hemming and hawing. Should I? Shouldn't I? Then, I came to Dare I not?

And lucky for me head cheerleader

still had room for me. Thank you Amy! And so I will be joining the other creative bloggers in calling out Yoo Hoo! Boys! This one is for you!

Thank you

for hosting yet another fun bloggy party that promotes such fun and inspiration to create. And of course yet one more opportunity to bless others with our creations (mostly in order to make room for the next ones, but, ahem, we won't let them know that now will we *wink wink*).


  1. I'm glad you jumped right in to play with the boys (and us!)

    1. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations. So glad you stopped by :)