Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guess who came to town?

Look what I found in my mail box today!!
 And guess who was in it! It's wonderful Wilma Wishbone all the way from Texas.
 She looks like she traveled well. First I was excited to see her and then....
 I spied this beautiful rooster card containing a photo of my newest long distance friend. Corky! Thank you so much Vickie. You have blown me away with your generosity and thoughtfulness! I love the "button" box, pen (from your favourite fabric store), and fun fabric!
 As I was snapping a few photos, my little kitty, Harpo (no, I did not name him lol) came in and pretended not to be interested in what I was doing.
 So, Wilma not seeming intimidated, you know she came from a large extended ranch family, permitted him a closer look...
 a gentle touch...
 and even a short bath to remove any traveling dust from that hard to reach spot on her head.
But Harpo can be fickle and I separated the two of them before he could change his mind and decide she tastes "like chicken" lol.

Again, thanks so much Vickie. I still can't believe I won your pin cushion giveaway...but here's the proof.

PS. Give Corky a hug and tell him thanks for the pic!

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  1. I'm sitting here laughing at your post ! Your too funny ! Harpo knows a good chicken dinner when he sees one !