Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Letter to RBD . . .

Edited 27/08/2014 . . . the photo in my blog header is my submission for Smalls 2014 (Stitching Lotus) and with the following letter being the reason behind this month's Small. For more information on how this campaign came about, please click on the "Save RBD Gingham button" in my right hand side bar. Thanks!

Dear RBD,

     You must know by now (this is not my first letter to you), just how much I and many other quilty friends LOVE gingham. Well, I'm very happy to report that I made my first RBD gingham purchase. My fabric just arrived from Fabricspot, a Canadian company, and well, I am completely over the moon.

     I have never seen gingham done in this way. It is beyond perfect. I have no doubt, RBD, that you have heard of the upcoming blog hop See You in September, which is pretty much in your honour. That crafty Madame Samm, of Sew We Quilt, is an inspiration to us all. It is her call to arms of all quilty muses to create something with your wonderful fabric. Now I too can speak with personal experience of your beautiful gingham.

     Choosing which colour to use for my project was my most difficult choice. You see, it is my intention to have gingham in the kitchen, then in the dining room, and again in the living room. Oh, and I also wear gingham. This girl, cannot have too much gingham and yours is THE best I have seen, and I've seen gingham.

     Just so you know, I am not against begging, PLEASE DO NOT RETIRE this line of fabric! It would be a supreme loss to the creative world. Sometimes you do not know what you are losing, until it is gone!

     Be sure to visit our precious hop and give us a chance to change your mind. If nothing else, you will enjoy a good coffee break each day from September 3rd to 16th. What a lineup of creative fun we have for you!




  1. oh my you are funny...such prose, RBD will no doubt be thrilled to hear that so many were behind you and beside you on this campaign....x

  2. I so agree..... the quality of RB gingham is just so much better than other manufacturers. Please listen, RBD, we need great quality fabric to make our quilts and projects with....not the other stuff!

  3. My gingham should be here today ! Nothing like pushing it ....right !

    1. pushing the deadline...I think I do better work when I wait till the last minute.....well maybe sometimes.

  4. Great letter, Shari. You are right about this fabric, it is the best!

  5. Perfect letter. You GO, Girl!

  6. Dear Shari,
    Brilliant letter! I just got some RBD Gingham yesterday. It was on clearance so I may have to go back for more...

  7. Oh My you Go Girl!! What a excellent letter, and they will enjoy their morning Coffee Breaks with us! I have 2 projects done and now I am starting a couple small ones with my Gingham from RBD, of Course. The Fabric is exquisite in measure and the colors are so sharp!! Have a Great Week end Shari!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  8. Great letter! I can't imagine not having gingham around...not good!

  9. Hi Shari... can you please email me re MiNi swap.
    Thanks Cheryll

  10. as I was reading & scrolling I just knew there were going to be delisious pictures lol! it is hard to find good gigham as well as pretty!


  11. What an excellent letter. I love gingham although I haven´t bought any for ages.

  12. Oh my....Shari, What an excellent letter!! :)
    have a good week!
    I just published my part, see you!