Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exercise Challenge - Day 2

Did the Stretch video again today. Wanted to alternate with the Strength video but my dvd player could not read the disc. Know it works in the video player, but not in my laptop.

Will try to set up a mini video player for tomorrow. Now that I know it doesn't work automatically, I will test run it later today.

Definitely feeling a pull today so things are stretching...


  1. How is it going?? Are you hanging in there with the exercises? I literally had to force myself to start rebounding again in the morning and I am so thankful I did!! Even on days when I just do not feel like it, I am too tired, my feet hurt too bad or whatever ... I still force myself to do it even if it's just a little bit and I always end up doing more than I thought I would AND doing better than I thought I would. :)

    I pray you are well. God bless you.

    1. Ugh, I am an awful exerciser. Did 4 days of exercise then was sidetracked by working the weekend. I work the night shift and there is just so little I feel up to doing during the daylight hours on the day I work. This totally derailed me and other than writing up a wonderful exercise schedule, I've done little else. But, I am not defeated and I will start again. Thanks for checking in and giving me a little nudge.