Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Catching up for the merry, merry, month of May

What is the smelliest dirtiest thing you have ever been asked to sew? This is mine:

These huge oven mitt like things with metal clips are filled with deer hair, and apparently smelled way worse than when I received them to sew closed. What I won't do for family. Here is what they were for...

These are Chris' beautiful work horses and seemingly they are to clip to the straps against the horses legs (?) to protect them when he trains them. My handy work must be holding up as I haven't been asked to repair them. I really must get around to taking my own photos to share =)

Next up...

Lots of green threads this'll see why on Friday when I finally post my perfect picnic.

Did not work a whole lot on my cross stitching. Larger project took most of my time. Used jeweled effect thread here. Still need to find a tutorial for adding beads to my project. There are flourishes on top and below the words, and I think I'd like to do them up in beads. Any ideas?

I was supposed to show my project yesterday, but got yucky sick over the weekend and the picnic we had planned with our granddaughter has had to be postponed. We will just have to have a trial run without her. Showing on Friday now instead.  Here is the list of participants. We sure have been wowed to date!

Hosted by Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt, head cheerleader is Mary from I Piece 2-Mary

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And to finish up this long post, just a few extra photos for something nice to look at!

These are the newest batch of young squirrels. I have counted 8 of them and they like to play tag and chase each other through the trees. It is funny to watch them all run away, one after the other in a long line down along the same tree limb. Last month they were not long enough to feed directly from the feeders and had to knock the seed to the ground to eat it =)


  1. My goodness! Busy girl, in spite of being down for the count for a few days. Love your post and pictures - LOVE the horses!!

  2. Love the horses, I would gladly sew for them rofl xxx