Sunday, March 2, 2014

TUSAL - March 1

Whoa, the new moon for the next TUSAL with DaffyCat has come and gone...I must have been sleeping LOL

 For the story of why I (we) are posting photos of our thread trimmings please go here. I'll wait while you take a look... *smile*

And here are my trimmings since last time:

Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and check out my previous post...a call to Craft it Forward in 2014. I'm still on the lookout for 5 4 interested people.


  1. That looks so pretty Shari - being able to see the threads like that - it's very arty, i think!
    I would love to put my hand up for the Craft It Forward, but I am already committed to something similar, so I will pass on that one.
    I'm sure some interested readers will put their names forward

  2. It's really very pretty. I've started to do this a hundred times, then forgot... I think it could be used in art quilting...I may try again !